Reuben was married to Meghan Williams in 2010, and they have two beautiful daughters, Clara Aida and Vivien Leigh.  The four of them live in Baltimore, with a menagerie of pets (Ash, Millie, Taz, and Gustafur).  Fortunately for this animal filled household, Meghan is a veterinarian.  Reuben is the eldest son of Rick and Cathy Johnston, who live in Texas, and has three other siblings (Justin, Judith, and Michael). 

Reuben enjoys spending time with Meghan, Clara, Vivien, and the household zoo, as well as family and friends.  Prior to beginning his current PhD program, Reuben also enjoyed rock climbing, visiting national parks, backpacking, competing in triathlons, cycling (road & off-road), running, and watching popular sports.  He is also a science fiction and fantasy  fan, and will occasionally play a game of Magic the Gathering.

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